November 21, 2017

Laura's provided 2 covers for series 4 of the UK TV show Peaky Blinders.  Below is an audio clip from the BBC 6 Music radio show "Sound and Vision" in which one of the show's composers, Antony Genn, talks about working with Laura and an extract of Laura's cover of "Red Right Hand" is played.  We'll have to watch the show in the next few weeks to hear what the other cover is.

Peaky Blinders Soundtrack

October 21, 2017

Audio and video of Laura's recent performance at David Lynch's Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles is now available from the Live Recordings page.  Average video quality as it's from YouTube but still nice to see Laura perform again.

*UPDATE* Video has been updated to a slightly higher quality version so download again if you want.  Many thanks to Jay for sending it :).

Live at Festival of Disruption (2017-10-14) - Updated

June 30, 2017

The video of Laura's Glastonbury Festival performance is now available in 1080p from the HD Videos page.  I've kept the 720p option for people who don't want such a big download.  You'll need to download all 3 parts to the same folder before extracting (I suggest 7-Zip if you need an app).

The audio recording has also been updated to higher quality mp3 files.  You can get that from the Live Recordings page. 

Glastonbury 2017 - Higher Quality (1080p)

UPDATE: This recording was a bit quiet so it's been updated with a higher volume.  Download it again if you want the new version.  Many thanks to Franz for sorting it out for me.

German radio station NDR 2 recently broadcasted Laura's concert at The Roundhouse in London on 21st March 2017.  You can download it from the Live Recordings page (scroll down a bit, it's #087).

Updated - Live at The Roundhouse, London (2017-03-21)

June 26, 2017

Laura's performance at Glastonbury Festival can be downloaded from the HD Videos page.  Audio recording also added to the Live Recordings page.  Enjoy! :).

Laura at Glastonbury Festival 2017

The Live Recordings page has finally been updated.  All recordings are back and they now all have a cover image included (the images can be downloaded separately for people who want to add a cover to previously downloaded recordings).  100 is a good milestone considering I'm selective and try to only include good quality recordings :).

100 Live Recordings!

June 13, 2017

The full video of Laura's performance at WXPN Radio's NON-COMMvention music event is now available to download on the HD Videos page.  I wouldn't really class it as "HD" but it's decent quality and I like the performance so...

Non-COMMvention Full Video