June 30, 2017

Glastonbury 2017 - Higher Quality (1080p)

The video of Laura's Glastonbury Festival performance is now available in 1080p from the HD Videos page.  I've kept the 720p option for people who don't want such a big download.  You'll need to download all 3 parts to the same folder before extracting (I suggest 7-Zip if you need an app).

The audio recording has also been updated to higher quality mp3 files.  You can get that from the Live Recordings page. 


  1. Absolutely mesmerising performance. The slow camera pan in the beginning just added to the show.
    Watched the whole show on BBC I-player then again with this download , thanks for that !

  2. You're welcome :). Quite pleased to get the 1080p as it's unlikely that the BBC will ever make the whole performance available in that quality.

  3. So pleased to find this. A big thank you from argentina!


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