Alt. Versions

Alternative Versions
The idea of this 'Alternative Versions' page is to include live versions of songs that are different in some way to how Laura usually plays them.  So, for example, songs that are usually played on acoustic guitar being played on electric or songs with a different arrangement etc.  You can download the songs individually or download them all in a zip file below:
Laura Marling - Alternate Versions
Devil's Spoke - Live at The Forum, London 2015-09-05
The very different version of 'Devil's Spoke' that Laura played a few times in 2015.

Salinas - Live at The Hi-Fi, Melbourne, Australia 2010-08-04
A very early version of 'Salinas' (possibly the first version) with some different lyrics.

Short Movie (Acoustic) - Live at The Coffee House, SiriusXM Radio 2015-06-04
An acoustic version of 'Short Movie' so quite different from the usual full band performance.

Master Hunter (Live at Knust, Hamburg 2015-05-15)
A 'rock' version of 'Master Hunter'.  Not the best sound quality but I still really like it and hope to hear Laura perform it like this again one day.

The Muse (Live at Thekla, Bristol, England 2015-02-07)
The very different version of 'The Muse' on electric guitar that Laura played a few times with her band in 2015.

Salinas (Live at Thekla, Bristol, England 2015-02-07)
Salinas played on electric guitar with her band in 2015.  I'll keep looking out for a higher quality recording of this.

I Speak Because I Can (Live at Thekla, Bristol, England 2015-02-07)
I Speak Because I can on electric guitar.  Again, this will do for now until there's a better recording.

Howl (Live at KUTX Radio 2013-11-06)
An early version of 'Howl' which has most of the same lyrics but is sung very differently to the recorded version.  Many thanks to Franz for sourcing a remastered version of this performance.

Breathe (Live at BBC 6 Music Prom, Royal Albert Hall: 2013-08-12)
'Breathe' performed with the London Sinfonietta orchestra.  Laura played a medley of 3 songs but this was the only song in which the orchestra joined in.

The Beast (Live at Studio q, CBC Radio 2011)
An acoustic performance of 'The Beast'.  Probably the only time Laura's performed it this way so far.  I finally found out that the performance is from a CBC radio session in September 2011 (unfortunately, the rest of the session isn't online any more).

If you can think of a live performance that would be good for this page please let me know.
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