Unreleased Songs

Unreleased Songs
This is a compilation of songs Laura Marling has written and performed but not yet released.
Most of these are live versions with unconfirmed song titles.
Laura Marling - Unreleased Songs
  Tracklist (in the order they were first performed):

01.  Rebecca
02.  Is A Hope/Drinking Alone
03.  Come Back My Man/I Need Your Hand - v2
04.  Not Done Travelling
05.  Under the Greenwood Tree
06.  Narrow Road
07.  Bleed Me Dry
08.  One Day Soon
09.  Rest My Troubles Away
10.  Loving Face
11.  What Have You Done?
12.  Be Mine
13.  Paws Clean
14.  Drought is Over
15.  Mary Stuart Song 

A note about those early (demo) songs from before Laura's career started.  Laura has said that she's appalled that they've somehow found their way onto the Internet and to "please don't (listen to them) if you want to retain any amount of enjoyment of my music".  As that's her attitude towards them I'm not going to add these songs to the compilation:

Anywhere With Meaning
Good Man Bad Habit
I Know You
It's Only My Opinion
Love Me Then Leave Me
Soulless Child
Such A Shame